Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Swapaholics 2015 Recap

Thank you to everyone who helped support Swapaholics! It was a huge success and we couldn't have done it without our amazing sponsors or the awesome guests who attended! It was so much fun meeting new friends and putting faces to all of the names we see everyday on instagram! Have fun scrolling through this little collection of photos! We hope to see you all again at Swapaholics 2016!

photo by @rockislander
The sponsor banner front and center at the entrance.

photo by @cloverandviolet
The room was filled with so much color and inspiration!

photo by @onconnorshill

photo by @simplelovequilts
Swag bag goodies.

photo by @spetzie

photo by @jeepdog1
Olfa cutters at each cutting station!

photo by @trish23bsj
Secret Sister surprises!

photo by @michaelannn
Adorable Tiny Box Zippys from Michael Ann's class!

photo by @simplelovequilts
80's night fun!

photo by @rockislander
Thanks to Stash Fabrics we all did a lot of shopping!

photo by @spetzie

photo by @frampuna
Gina from @partyofeightourstory made these perfect houses for every guest! 

photo by @tiffyfischy
So much swag, thanks to our lovely sponsors!

photo by @partyofeightourstory
More Secret Sister goodness!

photo by @courtiepie

80's night was totally awesome! 
Huge shout out to Lisa McGriff for making those rad Pac-Man cookies! 

photo by @aand575
Pretty completed class projects and swaps!

photo by @charliemarmalade
Thanks again, sponsors!

Love, The Swapaholics Team

**To see more photos from our fabulous weekend, be sure to visit #swapaholicsretreat on IG!