Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sleepytime Set Giveaway

Attention all Swapaholic Retreat attendees it's time for another GIVEAWAY!! 

The lovely Mari-Ann (@rockislander) put together this sleepytime set for one of you to use during the retreat. Included in the set: one Heather Ross pillowcase, one pair of Munki Munki pjs, and a cozy pair of patchwork slippers. 

To enter to win you need to:

1) Hop over to the sponsor page and check out the list of our amazing sponsors and 

2) Go to @rockislander on Instagram and click on the sleep set post. Give a shout out (by tagging) your favorite sponsor -- be sure to let us know WHY you love them! 

The winner will be announced at the retreat next month! Good luck, friends! 

**note: you must be a registered attendee at the upcoming Swapaholics Retreat to participate in this giveaway**

The Swapaholics Team

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